Mandy Eugeniou

Through personal and cultural associations, the work examines boundaries between what is considered dangerous and what is considered precious.

The work explores the brick as icon of overt and hidden labour. How do we get to link the seamless privatisations of our private and public worlds?

Hard Core“, installation, brick

An Appropriate Souvenir for an Anonymous Individual”, installation, stone & gold leaf
The Mirror Field”, proposal for installation, mirror

Lucy Chapman

Lucy Chapman has photographed and documented medical spaces from the position of patient, culminating in the Ceiling Project, on show at Unspeakable. The project examines the relationship between the medical environment and the the individual, exploring power and spatial dynamics, making the clinical personal.

More widely, her work examines the experience of illness and the medical measurement and objectification of the body. The medical environment measures the body against pre-determined norms, which tends to negate the individual. The intention of the work is to explore this relationship and to reinstate the individual into the experience.

“The Ceiling Project: Ceiling #11”, Photographic Print & “Red Pedi”, Screenprint, Edition of 18  @luceprints

Jeejay Scott

My previous work has explored the notion of face and body and how these “parts” relate to the “whole” of personality, emotion and ultimately to the self or selves. I’m interested in how we form complete identities from mere parts and how, for paintings, a static image can not only hint at a “story,” but also at something wider, something “transpersonal.”

For Unspeakable, I’m showing two paintings, both static in time and space, both seemingly unspeakable; and I’m offering them up a chance to speak: each painting, like each and every one of us, exhibiting only one “face,” but in reality, having an endless number of stories, and an endless number of selves – not only to show, but also to tell.

“If the unspeakable could speak……” Oil on canvas and audio recording

Aitor Albo

Developed from my interest in the political value of space and in the constructed meaning that the physical and sensorial qualities of object allow us to imagine, I produce abstract works that play with the balance between the hidden and the revealed, between the peripheral and the focal. Playing off conscious construction against fortuitous encounter and carefully considered gestures against mundane images, materials, objects or actions, either in an edited or literal form I explore wider ideas of order, progress, inclusion and belonging.


45 563MS”  Rug, concrete, wood, thread, paint and high visibility fabric

Litza Jansz

With a background in film and animation I’m interested in narrative and as an unrepentant feminist my work continues to explore the ways in which the personal is political.

The Elephant is the room

68 * 56 cms Mixed media Interactive installation. Engraved steel  with magnets made from digital prints of ink drawings

Sarika Sharma

I am an emerging artist who mostly creates portraits about history, identity and social parody.

Sarika #1

My studio is in Isleworth, West London – 

Esther Neslen

I like to play with human forms in human spaces, focusing on physical and social communication in restless environments.

Texter 01” and “Exhibition“,  plaster

Megan Redmond

Megan’s work is concerned with experimentation, materials and processes; tunnelling between accident and intent; mining. She explores emotions and ‘the unconscious rules’.

Clockwise from top left: “Grief 2“, paint on canvas “What lies beneath” etching and “Grief 3“, Lithograph